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Kitchen - Elgin, Mr and Mrs W.

Updated: Jul 2

Another great kitchen installation for a happy couple in Elgin.

Although the end results are beautiful and the customers are delighted there were a few issues during installation.

Firstly when we began to strip the walls, behind was only bare brick, we had to overcome this by clearing the bricks off completely and apply the plasterboard straight to this surface.

secondly the boiler tanks were inaccessible and in bad condition. The insulation had also been shaven to accommodate the tight space behind the units. Harrison's offered a replacement boiler at a discounted rate due to the high costs already spent with the company and to avoid any issues further down the line and having to disrupt their beautiful kitchen for access.

The customers were understanding and accommodating under the circumstances and are happy with their new, updated boiler.

Due to COVID-19 there has been huge delays in raw materials which slowed some time for the installation but also meant adjustments were made in our approach. Ideally this wouldn't be the case, however, we have to adjust to the current times. The delays from suppliers for any additional or replacement parts have also been an issue, we needed an additional splashback panel however the suppliers only delivery every two weeks so there was a delay in getting this as soon as we would like, the customers were extremely patient and understanding with this.

Since the installation the tap has had issues with the levers. The manufacturers set out multiple parts which were fitted over the course of a couple of weeks to no success. A new replacement tap was fitted again with no success. The lever has been changed completely in hopes this will remedy it. the customers have been understanding and patient during the wait for parts and the office are happy to help and arrange the warranty and the tradesmen.

"Well well its took a while a few problems along the way.. but finally new kitchen is in.

Huge thanks to Damon Harrison of Harrisons kitchens for all his help in making this a easy as possible. And specially to his staff who were superb all the way through.. nothing was a bother to them always listened and willing to help.. highly recommend them.. cheers lads keep wife happy for next 30 year.." - Mr W.

"Very happy with all the work done. Super team to work with" - Mrs W.

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