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Kitchen and Bathroom - Forres, Mr H.

A kitchen installation in Forres with a nice light and spacious kitchen and a bathroom refresh too.

The kitchen is a fjord shaker door with white metro tiles, this gives the room a light look. The walls were not in good condition once we started to strip out so the walls were fitted with new plasterboard to accommodate the new kitchen. The ceiling was redone to allow for the new LED lights that had been installed and a new boiler fitted as additional with our promotional discount.

The consumer unit was also replaced, tested and relevant certificates supplied.

The appliance suppliers were still having issues with stock and customer service so the customer changed over to prima appliances for similar standard, price and guarantees.

The kitchen is a beautiful colour and complimented with a polar white sink.

We took out the old extractor fan and filled the existing hole.

The bathroom is a smaller space but had new wet wall fitted in complimentary colours. We also installed a new bath and shower along with the vanity unit and LED mirror above the sink.

A delay in materials and additional worktop left small delays. We installed worktop over the bulk top which was not originally allocated, however an additional worktop was ordered and fitted within the week.

The flooring was replaced due to it being uneven and not a suitable base for the new flooring to be laid on top. This was not charged as additional labour as it needed done to be suitable for the new flooring.

The kitchen was also painted white and the bathroom cupboard and facing painted a black to match the black wet wall.

There was a small patch of ceiling below the bathroom that had discolouration that looked to be caused by a leak, when this was investigated there was a small patch that had not been sealed correctly round the bath and water from the shower was dripping down after use. This was sealed and re-looked at in a week to confirm there was no further damage. The painter then went out to paint the patch to finish this off.

The delay in appliances has meant the microwave/grill still has not arrived, when this does it will be fitted.

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