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Kitchen and Bathroom - Elgin, Mr and Mrs L.

A kitchen and bathroom installation in Elgin for long term customers.

The couple are very happy with the work and tradesmen and over all with Harrison's.

Although the installations are beautiful and the customers are happy, it was challenging with the shortage of raw materials and the kitchen needing stripped right back. The team adjusted to the necessary changes with care and enthusiasm, even when tight for space.

In the kitchen, new plasterboard was fitted to the walls in the kitchen, taped and plastered as needed, the floor was fitted with new plywood for an even surface area for their new flooring to be laid.

In the bathroom the floor was fitted with new plywood after the original flooring had rotten due to a slow leak from the stopcock. A new and safe surface for the new flooring to be laid.

The toilet roll holder had been agreed and fitted in place, however after it being installed and used it was quickly realised that the placement was impractical, a quick fix to move the holder and the small hole filled in the wet wall.

"From start to finish a very professional service, overcame unforeseen problems brilliantly. Natalie you did great as did all the boys." - Mrs L.

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